How To Add An SSL To Your Domain In Plesk

  1. Log in to your Plesk Control Panel (
  2. Select Hosting Settings
  3. Check the SSL/TLS Support box and select OK.
  4. Select SSL/TLS Certificates
  5. Select Advanced Settings
  6. Select Add SSL/TLS Certificate
  7. Create a Certificate Name. Fill in all required information.
  8. Select Request
  9. Select the recently created SSL
  10. Copy the CSR and provide it to your SSL provider
  11. After receiving the full SSL Certificate from your SSL Provider, go back to Plesk and choose SSL/TLS Certificates for the domain
  12. Choose Advanced Settings and then select the Certificate Name that you created earlier
  13. Select Choose File for Certificate (*.crt) and upload the ServerCertificate file.
  14. Select Choose File for CA certificate (*-ca.crt) and upload the CACertificate-INTERMEDIATE-1 file.
  15. Select Upload Certificate
  16. Go to Hosting Settings for the domain you installed the SSL on and make sure you check the Permanent 301 Redirect box and choose the correct Certificate from the dropdown menu.

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