Microsoft End Of Life (EOL)

Microsoft End of LifeAs a business owner, we cannot imagine our lives without our computers and the software applications that we use every day!  It is required to take care of our customers and business.

We are accustom to updates being automatic and easy.  Our smartphone updates are pushed to us for operating systems and applications on a regular basis.  If the settings are configured properly the same goes for our computers.  But what happens when the updates no longer just happen? 

Inevitably, software reaches it’s to end of life (EOL).  Click Here to Learn about the lifecycles for all versions of Microsoft Software:   Windows, Office, etc.  When an application reaches it’s EOL there will be no more security updates or fixes and Microsoft will not support any issues.  EOL software running on systems leaves it vulnerable to malicious attacks, viruses, and malware.  In fact, the vulnerabilities and how to compromise them become public information, and easily accessed and exploited by hackers and the dark web.   

We at ISOCNET encourage you to keep your applications and Operation Systems update!

If you are still using Windows 7 and older or Office 2010 and older, this message is for you.  Do not leave yourself defenseless to the known vulnerabilities and compromises.  Get your computers updated today!   

Now is the time to consider moving these services to subscription based in the Cloud.  You can purchase a license for Microsoft 365 that has Windows 10 Pro and Office 2019.  For only a few dollars a month, you can add

  • Exchange Online to manage all your email, calendar, task and contacts
  • OneDrive for 1 TB of Cloud Storage
  • Teams for Online Meetings
  • SharePoint for Team Collaboration. 

The most important part of this option is that the updates to Windows and Office are included with the subscription, you can always stay within 2 versions!  The days of chasing down CD’s and License keys is over.  Install the software on up to 5 devices, so if you get a new device, take your license with you. 

If you need help updating your EOL Software, please reach out to your IT team or contact us any time.