Ransomware Attacks Continue on the US Making Cybercriminals Millions

The attacks against the US continue, stronger than ever, impacting our Infrastructure and everyday life.  The Ransomware that hit the Colonial Pipeline has had an impact across the country, causing states of emergency to deal with the growing number of gas stations running out of fuel.

The Russian gang stole 100 GB of data in a matter of 2 hours.  They not only encrypted critical data, but threatened to release the hijacked information to the public if not paid.  It did not take long for them to receive their $5 Million in bitcoin for the ransom.   

In addition to the Pipeline, our healthcare industry has been impacted for weeks with the MedNetwoRX ransomware, causing medical offices to not be able to pull test results, create appointments, perform surgeries, and  more.  US Defense contractor BlueForce is also hit with a similar ransomware, demanding nearly $1 Million to decrypt the data, or it would be made public. 

Attacks Across Nation

In days before and following the pipeline attack, ransomware continues to hit across the US from Fermilab, part of the US Department of Energy, the Washington, D.C. police department, Illinois Attorney General’s office, City of Tulsa, to the Alaska Court System.  In the same time we have seen the growing number of hits on the HeathCare systems, from San Diego-based Scripps Health, MedNetwoRX, to CaptureRX.   With no end in sight for these attacks, the US Government is finally taking these threats seriously to put more protections in place, as everyone should.  Hopefully it’s not too late. 

Stop Paying Criminals!

Despite efforts and resolution to stop paying ransomware demands to cybercriminals who are taking over our networks, Government Agencies, US Contractors, Public and Private Companies alike continue to pay.  The success of cyber crime will only drive more motivation to continue these attacks. 

What To Do?

As our lives and businesses continue to rely on technology, we must put the cyber securities in place to protect our livelihoods.  Hackers are getting more sophisticated and using new tactics.  Not only do we need better defenses, but we need multiple layers of protection, segmentation of our networks, good backups, proven policies that are followed, and training users on these cybercriminal’s tactics.  Stop letting them infiltrate our systems, and taking us to the bank!

Let ISOCNET Help You Protect Your Business! 

It’s not just big business they go after, it’s small business and everyday people…criminals follow the money.        

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