Take Advantage of Google Tools

We know that Google is the search engine that dominates our online traffic.  It is the most widely used website in the world and how most websites are found online.  Google continues to shape the search world by offering users a better experience by giving them what they want, before they know it, with as few steps as possible.  

Businesses can take advantage of the free tools Google has made available.  While not all are listed here, the most popular ones to help your business online are.  Keep in mind, you will only get out of a tool what you put into it.   

Google My Business

 Since 2017, when Google announced mobile web searches proceeded any other searches and dropped their Desktop Search platform, Maps has been more important than ever.  Any location based service should take their local listings seriously.  Google My Business, is not just maps.  You can post events, posts, Reviews are more popular than ever and the Internet has made easier to find more of them.  Claim Your Google My Business, optimize it, and review your progress with built in reports.   

Google Search Console  

This is where Google shares data on how they see your website.  You can get a view on your keywords along with overall statistics for how your website is performing.  Learn about everything from your site speed, when Google is indexing your website, how often you come up in searches, site errors, and more.  This is a good place to communicate with Google, by submitting your site map, finding out sites that are linking to you, and work with google if there is ever an issue with your site.   

In 2021 Google has implemented core web vitals, a new metric for a quality user experience.  You can find details and specific recommendations unique to you.  When you implement changes, check back to see what works and what did not.   

Set up Your Google Search Console to gain additional insights to how Google sees your website.   

Google Analytics 

Google has made it easy to find out how your website is performing and how users are interacting with it.  You can learn how many visitors are coming to your site, how they are getting there, what they are doing, and where they are leaving from.  You can use this valuable information to optimize your website, increasing conversions (so people actually contact you or buy something), decreasing bounce rates (so people do not just hit your site and immediately leave), and create an engaging experience (so people spend more time on your website).  Goal tracking, customizable and automated reporting makes it easy to stay on top of your websites success. 

Get Started with Google Analytics and make informed decisions to improve your website.     

Google Ads  

When you are looking to increase traffic with paid ads from google, you can set up your ads and campaigns through your Google Ads account.  You set the budget, create the campaigns, and start seeing more traffic. You can link all of your accounts together for one interface.  Before considering Ads, make sure you have a landing page for optimal conversion and do the research on the terms that meet your users buyer intent.   


YouTube is the most widely used video platform and the second most searched website following Google.  Putting your videos on YouTube can enhance the visibility, and create a familiar user experience.  In addition, you are using YouTube’s resources to deliver your videos.  The downside of using YouTube, is you cannot control ads that may appear on your video.  Read your terms and conditions carefully, as you are giving up some rights to your video.   

Create Your YouTube Channel and upload your videos. 

Google Tools: 

Google provides a host of free tools to be used on your website or to gain more information. 

  • Maps 
  • Recaptcha 
  • Search 
  • A/B Testing 
  • Google Data Studio 

If you want to take advantage of any or all of these tools, but looking for assistance, contact us today for full set up, implementation, and optimization.   

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