What Are The Benefits Of Managed Microsoft Office 365 Services To Your Business?

As a small to medium size business, it can be a task to understand and utilize all that Microsoft 365 has to offer.  A Managed Microsoft Office 365 will help you get the most out of the robust platform. Some benefits of working with a Microsoft 365 Managed Services Include: 

Smooth Transition (white glove onboarding) 

If you are just getting started and moving over from an existing email system, let a team of experienced professionals customize a migration plan to fit your organization’s needs with minimal to no downtime.  We all have different levels of experience with technology, so we work with each employee to ensure they are comfortable with the new platform and it works for them, keeping productivity up.  We are not just an IT Team, we are people working with people to get the most out of technology. 

Ongoing Support 

Just like any email service, whether it be a new phone, spam issues, or setting up an auto responder.  Having someone on your side to support your team, keeps productivity up!  Being a Microsoft Certified Partner gives us additional resources to reach out to Microsoft directly on your behalf.  So, if there ever is an issue, you rest assure to let ISOCNET Advocate on your behalf to get a fix implemented.  The experience of working with the Microsoft Hosted Infrastructure (BPOS to Office 365 to Microsoft 365) for over a decade, can give you piece of mind that you will get the responsive support you deserve. 


Microsoft 365 continues to build a robust infrastructure that requires expertise and deep technical knowledge to properly execute into your organization and maintain.  As it is constantly evolving, the relationship between product suites is important to understand for proper implementation.  The experienced team can help simplify this complicated platform to make sure you are getting the license that best fits your business needs while integrating the applications and cross applications throughout your organization properly. 


When moving to the cloud, setting up your security thresholds is a must.  While the Microsoft 365 environment supports compliant environments and offers tools to control your own security policies, it must be configured to match your organization’s policies and procedures.  Most businesses do not take advantage of the security infrastructure and are left vulnerable and can be compromised.  You can rest assure, our team will collaborate with you, so your data is secure and protected.  We will help you meet your compliance requirements and integrate automated security policies.  

Maximizing Your ROI 

Microsoft 365 has complex and extensive license bundles with features often left unused. Users may need help in understanding licensing options in order to best manage the budget.  Get expert advice on how to optimize the use of Microsoft 365 and its features to will help drive adoption, increase productivity, and maximize your investment. 

Work with the Experts!

Most small businesses do not have an in-house IT staff to support their technology.  Many times, an Office Manager or Administrator will take on the role to support the IT infrastructure.  However, they lack the technical knowledge and experience to have the depth required to fully take advantage of all the extensive features, leaving the business vulnerable to attackers.  In addition, they often spend much more time learning the basics to get new technologies added.  Misconfiguring your Microsoft 365 account can not only leave you susceptible to malicious actors but be costly in unnecessary subscriptions.   

You can benefit from expert knowledge, experience and skills to support your employees’ productivity, mobility and collaboration by working with a Managed Microsoft 365 team.  The cost is minimal and having piece of mind and quick responses with expert support is priceless for many business owners.   

The Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) suite of services provides users with a rich set of collaboration tools and business applications that fit the needs of most organizations perfectly, however, the environment must be managed to ensure the best value and security. This is where ISOCNET Managed Microsoft 365 can help. 

We can provide a flexible approach for managing your Microsoft 365 environment with a options for full Infrastructure support to Microsoft 365 only management packages to fulfil a wide range of support levels and budget requirements to match your business needs. 

Let us help you pick the right licenses for your business, provide white glove on boarding and secure migrations for a smooth transition into the cloud.  We can then determine which management package is the best fit. 

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